Events, Weather and Closures

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Weather this week...

We are expecting high winds today (November 27th) and a very cold wind. In the event of a power outage we will first determine the length expected of the outage. If it will be longer than 1-2 hours (also depending on the time of day) we will begin to call parents to pick up their child. When we have no power at the schools - we have NO WATER; NO TOILETS; NO HEAT; and obviously NO LIGHT - therefore the conditions are not suitable for caring for children. [...]

About “The Patch”

Strawberry Patch Children’s Centre is a licensed group child care facility with three locations in Langley, British Columbia. We operate under the regulations of the Provincial Child Care Facilities Act.

Our philosophy recognizes that children learn through play.  With endless curiosity they observe and interact with the world around them.  We strive to foster this learning in a safe, cooperative and nurturing atmosphere.  The children’s learning is enhanced by positive relationships with the teachers and other children in our programs.