Our Guidance & Discipline Policy

Our goal in guiding children is for them to learn how to control their own behaviour.  Part of ensuring a safe and nurturing environment is not overlooking the importance of discipline.

At Strawberry Patch we believe that safety and respect for the rights and feelings of all children is an important aspect of our philosophy.

Teacher will be setting simple limits in a clear and consistent manner, providing boundaries for the children as a group or as individuals according to each situation. They will guide children in dealing with anger, frustration, fear and other strong emotions, encouraging children to speak about their feelings and work with each other to solve problems.

We use positive reinforcement to encourage children, helping them to build on their accomplishments.  Teachers model appropriate ways of interacting with others, and redirect or guide a child into acceptable options for behaviour.

Further guidance strategies include:

  • Natural and Logical Consequences – allowing the child to experience the result of his or her actions.
  • Offering Choices – empowering children to make decisions by offering appropriate choices, e.g. “Do you want the red tricycle or the blue bike?”
  • Promoting cooperation – by encouraging children to explore and initiate, being flexible and ignoring inappropriate behaviour when it does not endanger or hurt anyone and is simply attention seeking.

Occasionally a teacher may need to intervene and assist or remove a child from a situation he/she is unable to handle.  A teacher will sit with the child, reminding him/her of acceptable behaviour.  This is not a punishment but rather a time when the child may calm down, remember what behaviour the teacher is asking for and be reassured that when ready, he/she can try again.

The staff at Strawberry Patch Childcare Centre Inc. consider physical punishment, restraints, deprivation or degrading treatment as unacceptable methods of dealing with children’s behaviour.

We need to remember that each child is a unique individual.  No one strategy will be effective in every situation.  Some “problem” behaviours may be normal within certain age groups, and we will be flexible to each child’s needs.  Our discipline policy was designed to create a safe, nurturing environment.  If for any reason you or your child feels uncomfortable about any of the procedures or policies referred to, please bring it to our attention.  We would be happy to discuss it with you.