Our Philosophy

Our philosophy recognizes that children play to learn.  With endless curiosity they observe and interact with the world around them.

We strive to foster this learning in a safe, cooperative and nurturing atmosphere.  Learning is enhanced by positive relationships with the teachers and other children.  At Strawberry Patch, our policies have been carefully thought out to acknowledge the needs of the child, parent and teacher.

The children are given opportunities to challenge themselves, make decisions, try new experiences and test their ideas.  Our goal is to provide a program that encourages social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.  Playing and sharing with other children, developing language, learning to follow instructions and taking responsibility for oneself are important skills your child will acquire through these learning experiences.  While fostering mutual respect and acceptance of others, we value the feelings of the children in our program.  Our teachers offer guidance and support while assisting children in taking responsibility for their actions.

The Strawberry Patch is a community of children, teachers, parents and families.  Working together, we strive to prepare children for the challenges of our world, while recognizing our individual differences and similarities.  As an active participant in your child’s education, ask questions, visit us often, and join other families in our community.  Welcome!

Please take your time to read the information on this site carefully.  It is important that you understand and agree with the Centre’s policies before registering your child.  Our team of Early Childhood Educators are always available to talk with you.  If you would like to tour either of our facilities, please call for an appointment at (604)514-3150.