What Does My Child Need?

We hope your child’s time with us will be a chance to learn, play and explore.  This is important for your child’s development, but it can be messy!

It would help if you send your child in play clothes and provide the centre with a set of labeled clothing your child can change into in case of accidents.  This can be carried in your child’s backpack.  Children should not bring their own toys/books to the centre unless requested to do so by staff (eg. Sharing bag, Teddy Bear Picnic).  Strawberry Patch Childcare Centre Inc. and the outside area around it are all non-smoking areas.  Please ensure that all cigarettes/cigars are left in cars for disposal.


  • Inside shoes or slippers must be worn at the centre.  Each month we will be practicing either fire or earthquake drills and taking the children out of the building.  Therefore, it is very important that the children have shoes/slippers on their feet.  Please do not send children in sandals or shoes that are difficult to get on and off without assistance!  Every day may be an outdoor play day, whether rain, snow or sun.  Please send appropriate clothing for the weather.

Meals and Snacks

  • All meals and snacks are to be provided by the parent/guardian.  This ensures that you know what your child has eaten while at the centre.  We feel it is important to provide children with healthy, nutritious snacks, so we encourage parents to send their child with a snack that is lower in sugar.  If you have any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to speak with us.  On special days we may be preparing and making some snacks or meals, you will be notified beforehand.  Please note that many children have peanut allergies and Strawberry Patch is a “Nut Free Zone”.  Peterson Road Elementary goes by classroom for allergies if it will be nut free or not.   Please help us keep all of our children safe.  There is a refrigerator and microwave available if food needs to be kept chilled or heated up.

Quiet time (Daycare only)

  • After lunch, we all settle down for a bit of quiet time.  All the children are provided with mats to lie on while they read books, listen to stories and music, or have a little nap (we do have a busy morning)!  In order for your child to feel more comfortable, we recommend that you pack a small blanket, crib sheet, pillow and stuffy to cuddle with.