Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all programs at Strawberry Patch Childcare Centre Inc.


  • Our centre practices fire and earthquake drills on a regular basis.  There will be a staff member with a valid first aid certificate on the premises at all times.  In the event of an emergency, if we are unable to reach the parent/guardian, the emergency contact person will be notified. At both our elementary school locations we also participate in the school’s fire and earthquake drills, as well as their lock-down drills.

Sign In and Out

  • For the safety of the children, we ask that you please sign your child in and out of the centre each day.  We have implemented a new Childcare app called “Brightwheel” that you will be invited to use.  You are able to sign your child in and out through the app so we have a contactless environment during the pandemic.  It is your responsibility to still sign your child in and out.  Please do not drop off your children in the parking lot or send a sibling to pick them up.  The parent must notify the centre if a child is to be picked up by anyone other than the parent/guardian, and identification may be requested before the child is released.  We will not discharge your child to anyone other than those listed on you contact list without your personal consent and identification will be required.  Under the Child Care Licensing Regulations, if we feel that the person picking up your child appears to be incapable of providing safe care, another person on your list of contacts will be notified to pick up your child.  If we are unable to contact you at pick up time, and have not heard from you, we would call the next person on your contact list to pick up your child.


  • The staff of this facility is required by law to report any suspected emotional, physical or sexual abuse or physical/emotional neglect of the child.  Unless specifically directed by the Ministry for Children and Families or the Police, we are NOT permitted to contact the parents.  This act is designed for the protection and well being of the children in our care.

Withdrawal from the Centre

  • The Strawberry Patch Childcare Centre Inc. and/or the parent/guardian reserve the right to request that a child is withdrawn from the program if he/she is unable to adapt or adjust within the first month, or in the caregiver’s opinion has social, emotional or physical needs that the caregiver feels he/she is unable to provide for.  We will return your post-dated cheques.  If one months notice is not given, the centre will retain one month’s fee.