• Do you want a little more from daycare? Open young minds and imagination with our daycare program!  Designed for children aged 30 months to 5 years, we’ll play through art, games, music, math, science, drama and more.  Our program is semi-structured, helping children feel secure with regular routines, but offering lots of time for free play.  The mornings are structured similar to a preschool program.

Daycare – School Hours only 

  • Come and play with us!  We’ll have lots of fun, exploring and learning through creative play, crafts, music and games.  Our semi-structured program of guided free-play, circle-time and small group activities will help your child develop the self-concept, language, social and direction-following skills needed for kindergarten and the years beyond.  This program has a preschool component to it and is only offered during regular school hours on regular school days.  At Peterson Road we have 4 yr old classes M/W/F and 3 yr old classes T/Th.

Drop-In/Part Time Care

  • We are able to provide drop-in care to families that don’t usually require care providing we have the space.  If suddenly your existing arrangements change, and you are unable to change your schedule, give us a call.

Out of School Care

  • Our before and after school care program is available for children aged 5 – 12 years attending Peterson Road Elementary.
    Does your child want to unwind after school with outdoor fun, or find a quiet area to read?  Maybe they’d like to play games with a friend, or need to get their homework done!  There’s plenty of time to do it at Strawberry Patch.

 What does my child need?

  • We hope your child’s time with us will be a chance to learn, play and explore.  This is important for your child’s development, but it can be messy!